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What is "Service"?

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Prices start at $89 for service within 25km of our Frankston Office, and $149 for service to any other Melbourne suburb or on the Mornington Peninsula.


Contact us for more information. 


After the document has been served, we provide an Affidavit of Service. This includes the name, address and occupation of the person who served the document, the date and place the complaint was served, the signature of the person who served the complaint, and the signature of an authorised person who received (witnessed) the affidavit. 


Service refers to providing a valid copy of a legal document to a party to a legal case. There are a variety of documents which need to be served, depending on the type of case. For example, in the case of a divorce, a package including the Application for Divorce and a copy of the Marriage, Families and Separation brochure is served. We serve documents for all Australian courts. 

In the case of divorce, you cannot serve these documents yourself - it must be done by someone else, like us. 

If the defendant is a company, the complaint must usually be served at the registered address of the company. 

We commonly handle service for Victorian courts including Magistrate's Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, Family Court and others, as well as other jurisdictions, from interstate to overseas. 


In order to make the process as easy as possible, the information we would request about the person to be served includes:

Full name of person being served

If a small Pty Ltd corporation is being served, please give us the name of the company and a suggestion of a person to serve the documents to.

Home address

If a corporation is being served, we need the registered office address of the company - not just its trading location.

Work address (and type of work)
Vehicle; what do they drive, colour, number plate
Photo; if you have a photo of the person, please email it to us or include it with your documents
Social media; the URL of their social media presence (eg Facebook) is sometimes helpful
Suggested time and place; When do you recommend service be attempted? (Eg. Day of week, time of day, location)
Expected resistance; how do you expect the person to react? Are they hiding from the service? Are they likely to refuse it? 

If you don't know where the person can be found, we can perform searches and/or surveillance to identify this; we specialise in difficult and obstructive recipients including those attempting to avoid service. Our discounted hourly rate applies for these services.  


What Information is Needed?